Exposed: What Your Netflix Habits Reveal About You

What your binge-watching habits reveal about your life and your future

Updated January 14, 2022

Written by

Karen Moss

Staff Researcher

3,305 American adults between the ages of 18 and 44 told us about their habits, their hopes, and their dreams. We have taken their responses to see what we can learn based on their Netflix preferences. Some interesting trends emerged!

Who Has the Most Supportive Partner?

Money Heist fans – it's your turn to celebrate. On average, your partner is far more supportive than fans of all other shows. On the other hand – Squid Game fans might need to hope for a second season sooner rather than later – because statistically, Squid Game viewers reported that their partners are the least likely to be around to lend support when they most need it.

Who sleeps best?

Bridgerton fans take the cake on this one. Bridgerton viewers sleep - on average - 110 hours more each year than fans of The Witcher. That's more than two whole work-weeks, and enough time to walk the 384-miles from Memphis to Louisville!

What do they drive?

Everyone loves a Ford, it turns out. In each case the Netflix viewers we polled were most likely to drive a Ford - with Bridgerton fans being the only segment equally likely to drive another brand - a trusty Toyota. Hyundai came in last in each category too, being preferred by just a few percent of overall respondents.

Do they want to be rich?

Despite having the least-supportive partners, Squid Game fans are the most ambitious lot, by a long shot. Almost 62% of them say they expect to retire wealthy, compared with only 37-38% of Stranger Things and Bridgeton viewers. Maybe that's why Squid Game appeals to them! Money Heist fans are 50/50 - almost exactly half of them expect to retire wealthy.

What do they drink?

Everyone across the board prefers beer, except Bridgerton fans who again stand alone. They're far more likely to settle in for a weekend of binge watching with a fridge full of pre-mixed drinks than beer. Bridgerton fans are also the only group with a meaningful taste for white wine - with it being the second most popular beverage choice. Across all other groups, white wine came dead last.

Who will start a business?

Squid Game fans are a strong stand-out again. Not only do they have the highest expectations of retiring rich, they might actually be the most likely to do something about it. Squid Game fans rated themselves as the most likely to start a business, being almost 50% more likely than Stranger Things and Bridgerton fans. They want the money and they expect to retire rich - they just don't have the support of their partners.

If you enjoyed this analysis, check our articles page for future releases based on this survey. We'll be releasing a city-by-city comparison, looking at the top 25 cities in the US and how they compare to each other, as well as looking at the lives of survey respondents based on what type of car they drive, and how much sleep they get.

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