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How-To-Start.org is owned by Zenith Investments Group.

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Our People

Tony Wright

Editor At Large

A failed motocross superstar turned online editor, and total statistics geek, responsible for overseeing the production of our in-depth How-To-Start guides, as well as designing and compiling our studies and reports – along with some of the most in depth pieces we publish on the human side of small business. When he's not bashing his keyboard, he's probably hiking a trail or attempting a mountain climb.

Karen Moss

Staff Researcher

She’s our Karen, but she’s not “a Karen”.

In between having her good name blasphemed, she produces our video content and runs the studies and research to unearth the data that powers our reports and analysis. She didn’t get the memo about ‘headshot with a light background’. When she's not researching data or writing surveys, she's doing nothing at all. She claims to be the most boring person you'll ever meet.

Benjamin Davis


& Media Liaison

Servant and head waiter to the ugliest and most adorable French Bulldog.

Interviews small business owners and writes most of our How-To-Start business guides and resources. Part time chef of pastries that are a little too easy to consume. Also the main point of contact for media outlets who want to use our data to create stories and visuals.


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